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Alfred James Robertson

A recent sort out of old papers and photographs in the depths of my larder revealed many items of interest but this one has a particular relevance on this remembrance day to honour those who lost gtheir lives in the … Continue reading

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Ten Things You Never Knew About . . . Guy Fawkes

Tonight, otherwise normal, law-abiding people across England will become pyromaniacs  for the evening, lighting bonfires and setting off fireworks. This annual tradition is a way of remembering the events of November 5th 1605 when a plot to blow up the … Continue reading

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Hallowe’en Cakes

Some pretty little fancies for All Hallows Eve for the edification of the residents of the elderly mothers nursing home. The brief was soft, colourful and just a tad ghoulish but mostly fun! The cakes are from a small book … Continue reading

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The Art of Food

Food preparation and consumption is a fact of life. It has been the very cornerstone of our day to day existence as a major part in our social, cultural and aesthetic life. Is it any wonder then that the appearance … Continue reading

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Billy’s Lake

A few weeks ago I took Poppy on a voyage of discovery to Billy’s Lake. Being a dog of the woods and the short mown grass of the local park, she loved running through the long grass, in places taller … Continue reading

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Make Your Own English Country Wine

A glass of home-made Country wine is a tradition of old English hospitality that stretches back centuries. Forget grapes! Despite being universally accepted as the most reliable fruit for winemaking, grapes do not fare well in England. Therefore the juices … Continue reading

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The Origins of English Wine

During their occupation the Romans introduced wine making to England, even trying to grow grapes as far north as Lincolnshire. And winemaking continued at least down to the time of the Normans with over 40 vineyards in England mentioned in … Continue reading

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